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Equal parts Country, Blues, and Rock

Tim Burge

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Tim Burge

Tim Burge is a smoking, swampy amalgam of country, rock and blues from the dark heart of Hardin County in Southeast Texas. His mastery of the guitar will leave you wondering how he can make six strings do so much. His voice is an honest and emotional window to the songs he sings. His growing repertoire of original songs gives a stark and honest portrait of both the tough and tender sides of life and love.

As a complete musician, Tim is refined at playing, producing, engineering in the studio, and continually seeking to refine his ability to present his gift in multiple formats. Whether it’s electric or acoustic guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, banjo, dobro or keyboards, Tim has a remarkably well-stocked toolbox that allows him to communicate musically in many genres and styles.

You may hear him as a solo performer, fronting Tim Burge and the Reckoning, or as a hired gun with such acts as Jason Meadows, Tony Ramey, Backseat Molly, or Big Redd & Creole Soul. You might catch him opening for one of many national touring artists, or you may just stumble across Tim on YouTube.

Wherever you hear Tim play and sing for the first time or are a dedicated fan, you will always walk away satisifed thinking: “Wow, how did he do that?” and “I want to hear more!”









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